Creating A Productive Home Learning Environment For Your Kids

Feb 26, 2021

Along with many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way children are educated.

Within the past year, nearly 93% of people in households with school-age children reported their kids were engaged in some form of distance learning.

With this dramatic alteration, many students have struggled to adjust to learning in a home setting. Thankfully, parents can find ways to create a productive home learning environment for their kids in order help develop their child’s creativity, sharpen their focus, and increase their motivation to learn.

Designate A Distinct Learning Space

If you’re like most American families, you don’t have a spare room just sitting around waiting to be converted into a learning space. But don’t worry. You don’t need an extra room in order to create a productive learning environment for your kids.

Instead of focusing on the amount of space you need, think about creating consistency for your child. For example, every time your kid sits down for their lessons, pull out the same folding chairs and table. You could even just designate a specific corner in the living room to class time. No matter what space you decide on, make sure nothing but schoolwork is done in that one area. That way, every time your child sits down, they know it is time to focus on school.

The key here is to create a specific routine for your child and stick to it.

Declutter The Learning Area

Logging onto Zoom meetings all day is exhausting for everyone—but especially for kids. When you’ve been staring at a screen for most of the day, it’s easy to get distracted. After designating a space for learning, focus on removing any and all distractions.

A clean work area is one of the most important ways to help your mind focus.

Too many pictures, toys, books, or supplies can quickly clutter a space and create a sense of chaos. Try to create an orderly environment by decluttering the area. To help you, start by investing in storage space. Consider buying an extra bookcase or set of shelves to store your child’s books, school papers, etc.

Additionally, ask your child to put away their phone while they are learning. Eliminating all potential distractions will help your student focus on their education during the long hours of virtual learning.

Personalize The Space

Creativity is important, and personalizing your child’s school area helps foster creativity and makes them feel comfortable. While unnecessary clutter isn’t good, personalized items like world maps, animal posters, or other learning-related decorations can help motivate your child and make them feel more at ease.

Make Your Space Comfortable

Creating a comfortable learning environment makes at-home learning so much easier. Consider all the aspects of your home that would add or detract to your student’s comfort level. Does the room you are thinking of using have good airflow? Is the space well-insulated? You won’t want to choose a space that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Additionally, noise can be a big distraction for kids. Find a space that isn’t disturbed by traffic, other members of the household, or any other possible noise distractions.

Another suggestion would be to find a space that has lots of good lighting. This can include natural lighting from open windows or simply plenty of lamps in the learning space. Natural light in particular can help impact your child’s energy and attention levels.

Maintain Consistency

Finally, and maybe most importantly, maintain a consistent schedule. With in-person classes, your child always has a set schedule. It’s important to keep a schedule with your child, even when working from home.

Make scheduling fun.

Write out a routine and mark it down on a colorful calendar. Get your kids to decorate larger posters and have them write out their routine at the start of every week. It’s important to set some rules and make sure your child’s schedule is consistent. It will also make learning from home feel a little more normal.

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