Yes! In this competitive market, you need to be approved before the home search begins. Just getting started? The mortgage lender relationship is very important throughout the buying process. If needed, I can assist in getting you on the right track in selecting a mortgage lender. How much home can you afford? It is vital that you have established a financing plan that provides your buying capability and comfort you are looking for in a monthly payment. Knowing your buying capability directs me as I search for your dream home. Once you find that desired home, making an offer can be quick and timely with your preapproval.

This an excellent time to check your credit report and buying ability. Meeting with a lender is most important in looking at current mortgage interest rates and computing your monthly preapproval payment, in order to compare with the current rental market. What is your monthly mortgage comfort level? Many reference their current monthly rental payment. If the market is experiencing a lull in interest rates, you might find that buying is the best opportunity. The rental market is influenced by the amount of availability, supply and demand, as with the selling market. The financial aspect is crucial, but the commitment of a mortgage and home maintenance is also part of the equation. Please, ask me for informative material on the subject!

The answer to this question can be very individual and personal. An experienced agent, like myself, will be able to ask the appropriate questions to focus on when is best for you. Everyone’s motivation to sell or buy can be very different. It is common for the market inventory to increase in the warmer climates as the school year is ending and moving personal items is more comfortable. Buyers also prefer to view homes during better weather. Lake homes have been documented to obtain their highest values during this warmer season. I would provide the free service of examining the real estate market activity in the previous year for close comparable homes, generating a CMA report (Comparative Market Analysis). This report gives direction in providing both a current market value for the home and also supporting the closing dates and selling values of comparable homes for the past year.

A tour of your home by an experienced agent is the best place to start. Invite me in to use my years of knowledge to point out the simple touch ups and updates, cleaning and decluttering tips and areas that might need expert examination. This is an excellent time to take a look at our Seller’s Disclosure form that will be utilized in our selling process and brings attention to certain aspects of your home. Your curb appeal is your first impression and will hold the buyer’s interest or push them back down the driveway. Current buyers are very willing to pay more if they have to do less. Labor costs are not coming down and buyers willing to be “hands-on” to save on decorative costs or deferred maintenance items are few. Ask me about my document, “Preparing you home for Selling”.

With many long-term property owners, they are unaware that a major defect may have been developing over time. These can be hidden or latent defects. Many take great pride in their home and maintain to the best of their ability or knowledge. These homeowners cannot imagine that there could be anything majorly wrong happening with the home. Don’t worry about finding these possible defects! Leave it to the professionals. Ask me about a listing home inspection that is performed by a licensed home inspector. Arm yourself with the information from the start of the selling process. Don’t let the buyer’s inspector and the buyer surprise you with major repairs or replacement. Don’t negotiate your selling price, only to have to lower it for major inspection repairs. Major defects that are not hidden or latent, but obvious to a buyer during a showing cannot be requested to be repaired or replaced after price negotiations. Ask me about the Seller’s Disclosure form that is also available to disclose issues with the home of which the seller has full knowledge.

Who does not want to make more money with less hassles? Yes, interview and hire the experienced and licensed real estate agent, like myself that has your fiduciary responsibilities in mind with every move that is made. Many sellers believe that they will save the commission, but do not know how much liability and legal ramifications are involved in the largest sale or purchase an individual may ever experience. Obtaining more for the seller starts with the use of our state wide Multiple Listing System to prepare a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, providing highest possible price which is obtainable in the least amount of time. Time is money! Secondly, our Multiple Listing system disseminates the home’s listing information to all online real estate sites. Most important is the negotiating power of an experienced agent that can evaluate multiple purchasing contracts and obtain not only the best price, but BEST CONTRACT TERMS = MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET

If you are the seller, customarily the two largest fees, commission and title insurance fees, are paid at closing. It is also possible that a buyer might sign a buyer agent representation contract where the buyer compensates their buyer agent. Customarily, the buyer’s largest fees at closing are the buyer’s lending fees. But it is also possible that a buyer might negotiate a credit at contract negotiations from the seller to be applied to their lending fees. I partner with the title company to provide a Seller’s Net Sheet at contract signing to have an estimated Net Proceeds for the seller. I also partner with the lending institution to provide the Good Faith Estimate to Close for the buyer after securing the accepted purchase agreement. Information is powerful. Ask me about these estimating documents.

As you have probably heard, there is no such thing as a crystal ball, but the next best thing is the keen eye of a local buying and selling real estate agent. A local agent, such as myself, has their thumb on your home’s community market activity and comparable home values. I can prepare the free CMA, Comparative Market Analysis. This market report generally includes three sold homes in the last 12 months and three active homes. Comparative means that these selected homes are similar to yours in size, age, location, amenities, etc. This report generates a pricing range and insight into the listing-to-sell ratio. Being capable of supporting a listing price is essential should I secure the buyer, who may ask for pricing justification. Let me know when we can get together and give you a current CMA, whether you are thinking about dropping PMI, refinancing, selling or adding on to your home. Knowing your current equity in your home could be very helpful in your decision-making process.

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