Selling Your Home Can Be Emotionally Difficult!

When you and your family put your house on the market it can be an extremely emotional period. Whether you have lived there for a short period of time or it's been your single residence since the kids have been born, this is the place you have made so many memories!

Let me help you through this time! We can help take some of the emotion out of selling your house while still maintaining sensitivity and the quality of the transfer of ownership to the fortunate new homeowners. Finding a realistic, market-supported, listing price for your home with current, local selling conditions in mind is critical for a timely, smooth sale. Many memories attached to the home can add to this challenge.

First Impressions Are SO Critical!

When buyers enter your home for the first time, they will experience personal feelings and thoughts based on how they are greeted-décor, lighting, various smells, openness, personal property arrangements, etc. Allow me to show you how with the correct tools, professional advice and simple tweaks to see the best and timely price. As you prepare your home for market, taking a close look at physical condition and servicing records are also paramount to our negotiation position. What have been your recent upgrades, repairs and/or additions in the last five years?

Diverse Knowledge

My years of experience have taught me ways to succeed in a-number-of diverse selling situations. I grew in knowledge with the foreclosure market, forming partnerships with the state programs, lending institutions and local investors. Being educated and trained in relocation real estate, I have had the opportunities to share my community with the international and intranational buyers relocating to our area with new occupational positions. Commercial and retail real estate have also been an exciting aspect of my career.

Relocation Made Easy

When going through a move it can be stressful! I have lived in the community for 62+ years and can help you get a feel for your potential area before you move! Need help with moving services or who is the best plumber in town? I can help you with that as well!

Pro Tips For Selling Your Home

Less Is More

While we all have those amazing memories from graduations & baby photos, along with the sand and shells gathered on that wonderful beach during our honeymoon, most buyers will not begin to visualize their lives in the home with these distractions. Declutter all areas of the home. Just a few personal pieces will bring the warm welcome needed to the home.

Curb Appeal

You may only have ONE chance to catch this buyer’s attention as they pull into the driveway and walk up to your front door! Continuing with the theme that less is more, take a close look at your lawn, landscaping, driveway, porch and any flower beds. This is the time to remove or refresh the plantings, lawn ornaments & furnishings and mulch/stone. Should you find that this could be an overwhelming project and a professional may be needed, let’s talk! Be sure that your front door is in excellent condition and reflects the personality of the home. These dollars are well spent!

Bright & White

Take advantage of that first impression! Show your confidence and pride, inside and out in the way you illuminate your home! Welcome the buyers with the latest style in light fixtures and LED bulbs, found in every room, nook and closet.

Last make sure all the natural light you can get into the house is on point! Open all those curtains, yes even in the guest bedrooms, this allows for the natural light to come pouring in and buyers will love this!

Rearrange & Organize

We all have that snooping habit!

Curiosity can get the best of all of us. Buyers are no different than you and me and often they like to take a peak into closets and kitchen cabinetry. I will encourage this curiosity as the buyers need to visualize the function and utility of these spaces. Be sure to have these spaces organized, neat & clean. This is an opportunity to down size your wardrobe, linens, toiletries, kitchen gadgets, etc. Remember, less is more-take excess out of the home, display the most complimentary pieces! And don’t forget the garage!

Maybe you have lots of clothes that just don't fit into your closets or maybe you just love your kitchen gadgets. Consider taking the excess out of the house and only show off the best pieces and your most favorite clothing. Remember less is more!

Ready to buy or sell?

Our team is ready to to help you on this journey. Please contact us to start the process of home buying or selling!