Gardening 101: 4 Plants To Boost Your Mental And Physical Health

Apr 15, 2021

Gardening and caring for plants in general can help boost your mental and physical health. In fact, research has found that caring for plants can help you recover from mental fatigue, slow down your heart rate, and even reduce high blood pressure.

In our fast-paced world, taking the time to prioritize your mental and physical health is important—and taking care of plants is a simple, natural way to accomplish this.

Certain plants and flowers even have unique qualities that can help boost your overall wellbeing. These four plants will let you exercise your green thumb while improving your physical and mental health.


Lavender is known for its beautiful lilac hue and incredible scent. But did you know lavender is associated with several beneficial qualities?

Lavender oil has been used to assist in the treatment of anxiety and depression for years. An article in the International Journal of Psychiatry even tested the use of lavender on anxious patients in dental offices. The researchers found that those patients exposed to lavender scents before their appointments were much calmer than those who were not.

Lavender has also been known to help people with chronic insomnia. The relaxing scent calms the mind and allows people to sleep through the night. An indoor lavender plant would lend a soothing atmosphere to your home. You could even set your plant beside your bed at night to aid your sleep.

How Do I Plant It?

Lavender grows best when placed in a bright area. Only water your lavender plant when the soil is dry to the touch—too much watering can shorten its life span.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is considered one of the most useful plants in the entire world. The gel from aloe leaves can help heal sunburn and other minor cuts and scrapes. Aloe gel has also been known to help heal acne scars. Rubbing an aloe leaf on acne scars increases the collagen production in your skin, helping to repair scarring.

Also, aloe plants help remove harmful chemicals in the air. Aloe emits oxygen while also taking in carbon dioxide. This improves the quality of air anywhere in the near vicinity.

How Do I Plant It?

Aloe vera is a very low-maintenance plant. You really only need to water aloe plants once their soil is dry. Aloe does enjoy direct sunlight, so you should set your pot near a window or in an open, sunny space.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are known for their vibrant, beautiful colors. If your home could use a pop of color, gerbera daisies might be the perfect house plant for you. Just the simple act of adding color to your home can help brighten your mood and change the atmosphere of your house.

But gerbera daisies are not just beautiful—they are also useful. These flowers are known to purify the air around them, removing toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. Now that’s a powerful flower!

How Do I Plant It?

Gerberas like sunlight, but a little shade is okay. Try to water these daisies in the morning so the leaves can dry out during the day.


When people hear the word “eucalyptus,” they think about the large trees that grow in Australia. But you can actually grow dwarf species of eucalyptus in your home.

Eucalyptus has a very distinct smell, which has been known to help calm and reduce stress. The scent of eucalyptus is also beneficial for clearing your sinuses from a cold or allergies.

Little tip: if you are feeling under the weather, you can create a eucalyptus “bath bouquet” in your shower. Tie a bundle of eucalyptus around your shower head and turn your shower to the hottest setting. This will allow the steam and eucalyptus fragrance to mix, which helps clear congestion, lessen asthma symptoms, and calms your mind.

How Do I Plant It?

Your eucalyptus plant will need full sunlight and will need to be watered regularly.

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