How To Make Your Home A Bug Free Zone

Aug 30, 2022

Why do bugs want to come inside our homes? Like us, bugs are longing for a safe place to live that offers shelter from the outside, clean water, and good food. When they find a way in your home, it’s hard to make them leave when they’re getting everything they need. But the good news is, there are a few things you can do to bug-proof your home!

Inside the Home:

1. Door sweeps – Door sweeps should be installed on all exterior facing doors, where no light comes through. The less accessible your home is to pests, the better. In addition to entry doors, the garage door should also be sealed using a rubber seal.
2. Screens – All doors and windows that can be opened should have screens installed. If possible, keep windows and doors closed at all times to prevent small bugs from entering through the screens.
3. Repair leaks – Inspect your home for leaky pipes and repair them as soon as possible. Water attracts pests and can also cause water damage, allowing for another easy entry point.
4. Cracks should be filled – Make sure all cracks around windows or doors are filled as well as larger openings that can give bugs an accessway.
5. Clean – Cleaning your home is so important and can greatly reduce the presence of pests in your home. Don’t leave crumbs or dirty dishes sitting out overnight and keep trash sealed.
6. Utility openings should be sealed – Seal any utility openings such as around pipes, wiring, faucets, or anything that can serve as an entrance for bugs.7. Store food in containers – Using airtight containers to keep food in will prevent ants from sneaking their way in. Everything in the kitchen should be sealed off and fruit should be thrown away when it goes bad.
8. Use wire mesh – Wire mesh can be used to cover vents located in the chimney, attic, and crawl space to prevent rodents and small animals from getting in.

Outside the Home:

1. Self-closing trash lids – If possible, it’s important to choose an outdoor trash can that is self-closing and seal tightly to stop pests from sneaking in. If you have been provided a trash can by your waste service, there are a number of ways you can pest-proof your garbage receptacle.
2. Keep the yard clean – Maintaining your yard is a simple way to keep bugs and rodents away from your home. The less clutter, leaves, and limbs touching the house, the less entryways into your home.
3. Maintain compost bin – If using a compost bin, there are several best practices to note when trying to keep out bugs and animals. Avoid composting meats, bones, or manure and try to keep the fresh waste buried towards the middle of the pile to mask the smell. For more tips on bug and rodent proofing your compost bin, read this detailed article from the Green Bay Press Gazette.
4. Add flowers – Planting flowers will attract helpful bugs to eat on any decayed matter they find in your yard, reducing the amount of unneeded bugs and animals.
5. Attract bats and birds – Along with flower flies and parasitic bugs, attracting bats and birds to your yard will only benefit you. Birds will set up camp in your yard if you provide trees to nest in and fresh water to drink. Bats look for places to roost during the day, so consider providing them with housing.

Is your home a bug free zone?

If you’re having trouble with bugs and other pests, we hope these tips will transform your home into a bug free zone! Remember to let us know if you need any recommendations when it comes to pest control services. We would love to help you! Simply call us at 574-527-1700 or send an email to to talk to us!

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