How To Protect Your Home From Snow And Ice Damage

Mar 15, 2022

Snow and ice can cause serious damage when it comes to your home and finances. If you don’t take preventative measures, you will lose money, energy efficiency, and maybe even your house. With a few simple steps, your home will be ready for winter in no time.


Protecting your pipes is one of the most important things you can do to prevent snow and ice damage. When water freezes inside your pipes, it can cause them to crack and rupture leading to substantial damage. How do you prevent this from happening? It’s simple. When you see freezing weather on the horizon, be sure to drain water from any outdoor faucets or irrigation systems. Remove any hoses that are still connected to outdoor faucets and place faucet insulators over the faucets.

When it comes to your indoor pipes, always let water drip during freezing weather. The water movement in the indoor pipes will help prevent them from freezing and cracking. You can also open the cabinet doors around the indoor pipes to expose them to warm air. Make sure any pipes in your garage, basement, or attic are protected with insulation.


If you’re aware of an approaching winter storm, be sure to remove any debris from your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to the formation of ice dams which occur when snow and ice melt and then refreeze in your gutters. The ice dams prevent water from draining out of your gutters and cause the water to leak into your home.

Doors and Windows

Sealing your doors and windows can provide better insulation and circulation of heat in your home. This is imperative during those cold, winter nights. A warm house will discourage snow and ice from damaging your home. Caulk and weather stripping are the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to blocking cold air and trapping the warmth.


During snow and ice storms, it’s important to keep too much snow from building up on your roof. How do you know when your roof is being bogged down by too much snow? You may notice the roof is sagging or you are hearing popping noises if it’s supporting too much weight. When this happens, you should call a roofing company who is equipped to remove the extra snow.

If you notice any unstable tree branches or trees above or close to your roof, it is important to remove those as soon as possible. Snow and ice storms can cause unsteady trees and branches to break and fall resulting in more weight and possible damage to the roof.


Lastly, you’ll need to schedule a fireplace inspection or inspect it yourself before the winter months. This will ensure your fireplace is safe to use and snow and ice storms will not be a threat. Also, make sure to keep the fireplace clean and keep the flue closed when it’s not being used.

Is your home ready for snow and ice?

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