The Importance Of Staging Your Home For Sale

Feb 18, 2020

If you’re about to embark on your first home sale, you are probably asking the same question every other seller has asked at least once: How do I make this home sell quickly? Although you absolutely loved your home’s decor, colors, and quirks, can anyone be positive someone else will like the same style as you?

There are other things to factor in when weighing your home’s sellability like the current house market or location, but learning how to stage your home properly can help you come out on the successful end of a home sale no matter the circumstances.

What Is Staging?

When your realtor suggests taking the time to stage your home before each showing, they’re not talking about preparing for a Broadway show. Staging in realty refers to strategically decorating, furnishing, and refreshing your home to appeal to the potential buyers’ interests.

According to a survey taken in 2017, nearly 50% of sellers’ agents said the sale price for a staged home went up 1-5% in comparison to homes not staged. If the monetary increase doesn’t interest you, take into consideration that almost 40% of those surveyed said a staged home reduces the number of days your property stays on the market. Pretty convincing odds suggesting that staging can be a lifesaver for sellers!

What Staging Should Include:

Aside from the typical reminders to de-clutter and reduce personal decor such as wedding and school pictures in your home, we’ve collected a few staging tips you may not think about in the middle of such a project. No matter your budget, these ideas will help your home appeal to each individual viewing your home, no matter how their styles may differ from yours.

One: Curb appeal: You may be surprised by how a potential buyer’s interest rises or falls depending on what they’re given as a first impression. If you’re able to freshen up the paint job, that’s fantastic!

But if you’re more interested in sticking to a budget consider doing simple things like maintaining whatever greenery is in the front lawn, making sure your house number is readable, cleaning your windows, and washing your walkways. One expert suggested prioritizing having a clean, friendly doormat; no matter how simple, first impressions are your greatest shot at getting your home sold quickly!

Two: Remove pet odors: If you’ve lived with pets for a relatively long time, it’s difficult to notice how much their dander impacts the smell of your home. Before your first showing, perform a deep clean of your carpets and upholstery.

Consider putting a pot of water, cinnamon sticks, and orange slices on low on your stove to give your entire home a nice cozy scent. Between showings, make sure to regularly vacuum and mop your floors so the intense cleanings don’t take as long.

Three: Decorate in neutral colors: Despite how much you may love a particular color scheme or eclectic pattern, it may be hard for potential buyers to see past that decoration choice to successfully imagine themselves owning your house and making it their own.

If repainting each home isn’t in your budget, make sure all your accessories like blankets, pillows and lampshades are a neutral scheme.

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