House Warming Ideas: Home Improvement Projects

Apr 14, 2022

There are many ways to make your home warm and inviting without breaking the bank. We know the word “project” has negative connotations, but a project doesn’t have to be scary. Not all projects are too time-consuming, expensive, or overwhelming. A project can simply be painting a wall or rearranging furniture to transform a space. Let us walk you through a few home improvement projects that will do wonders for your home.

Paint, paint, paint

Perhaps the easiest home improvement project, a fresh coat of paint in any room will instantly bring it back to life. Try brightening a dark room by painting it white or cream, and see how much happier the room feels! On the other hand, if you have a neutral room (gray, tan, beige) consider adding a colorful accent wall or picking a pretty color for the whole room.

Update hardware throughout the house

What do we mean by hardware? Doorknobs, handles, hinges, and curtain rods can be easily switched out and instantly update the look of your home. Unless you have a brand new house, chances are your hardware could use a facelift. Consider changing them to a uniform color, for example all black, silver, or gold for a cohesive, modern look.

Light fixtures

Like the hardware in your home, light fixtures need updating, too, and can immediately take a few decades off a room. Light fixtures tend to be the focal point of populated rooms like the kitchen and dining room, so why not modernize them?

Two words: pressure washer

Pressure washing the outside of your home, be it your driveway, siding, or sidewalks, will make your home look new again. Though buying a pressure washer can be expensive, certain hardware stores have them available to rent for a reasonable price.

Warm lighting

Opt for warm lighting in your home instead of harsh, bright lights to make your space feel comfortable and cozy. Replacing your light bulbs with warm or vintage style bulbs will help as well as making your lighting dimmable with a dimmer switch, smart light bulbs, or a dimmer cord.

Vinyl tiles

If there is a room in your home like a bathroom or laundry room with vinyl flooring, cover it with vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles are less expensive than real tiles and so much easier to install. These tiles can even be found in the same modern styles as real tiles! If your goal is to eventually take up the existing flooring and replace it with real tiles, this solution allows you to get rid of the eye sore for the time being.

Outdoor spring projects

Since the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time for those outdoor projects you’ve been waiting for! Painting your front door, replacing the outdoor light fixtures, and planting fresh flowers are just a few ways you can improve your outdoor space.

Are you ready to start improving your home?

If you’re like us, this list gave us some ideas for our own houses! Use these ideas as inspiration for your own home improvement projects.

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