The Pros And Cons Of Living On A Private Road

May 3, 2022

When you first hear “private road” you may be imagining a long driveway with a house at the end. But in reality, a private road is more than just an isolated home or a private driveway. A private road is a road owned by a private person or group of people, it’s not owned publicly by the government.

Living on a private road can seem appealing but there are a few things you should know first.

Pros of living on a private road:

No traffic – Unlike living on a public road, living on a private road means you will never have to deal with any traffic withs cars or pedestrians.

No problems with parking – When you live in a neighborhood, chances are you have to deal with street parking or Homeowner Association (HOA) rules. When you live on a private road, you won’t have to worry about parking or what you can have in your driveway. If you want to park your camper and boat in your driveway or on the road, you can do so!

Privacy – The most appealing part of living on a private road is the privacy it provides. Usually private roads are designed to be far away from the main roads creating a peaceful, private living environment. This means no road noise, just the sounds of nature.

Safety – Safety is also greatly associated with living on a private road. With less people, cars, and access from the main road comes less crime and risk.

Close with neighbors, if applicable – Usually living on a private road means choosing your own neighbors, which can be a great opportunity. If you choose to live on a private road with friends or family, you’ll become even closer with them since you will see them often.

Cons of living on a private road:

You’re responsible for the upkeep – The biggest con of owning a private road means you’re responsible for anything that happens to the road. Since the government doesn’t own it, it’s up to you to provide the upkeep.

Mailbox will still be at the end of the road – The postal service will still deliver mail to your mailbox, but it has to be at the end of the road. You will have to remember to pick up the mail as you enter or exit your driveway or else it will be a long walk.

Complicated directions to home – If you live on a private road, it can be difficult to explain where you live and the GPS applications may not acknowledge your address.

Disagreements if a shared private road – Choosing to share a private road with another person or group of people will inevitably lead to disagreements. These differences can arise over the smallest matters, so it’s important to set your boundaries and rules upfront.

Deal with trespassers – Even though you live on a private road, you may still encounter unwelcome people on your property. Make sure to place “no trespassing” signs around your property and familiarize yourself with trespassing laws.

Will you choose to live on a private road?

Have you been thinking about living on a private road either with yourself or a group of people? We hope this provided some insight about the pros and cons of living on a private road.

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