Jump into the Greatest Lakeside Realty Adventure

Nov 29, 2019

Kosciusko County is known as the “Land of the Lakes” with 75 lakes in a county that spans 13 quaint cities. If there is any area booming with a unique mix of small-town intimacy and lakeside fun, it’s Kosciusko County!

Living in a community with so many lakes brings dreams of one day buying a lake house and enjoying the Hoosier heat lakeside. But can you do anything about finding that dream lakeside home during the winter? Is it worth looking into a lake house during the offseason?

The simple answer is, “Yes!” and here’s why:

Three Reasons To Shop For A Lake House During Winter

Appeal: If you can’t imagine taking care of the property during the winter, it may not be the best investment in which to pour your time and resources. When shopping for a lake house, be sure to ask the current owner for photos of the property in all four seasons. Although winter is a great time of year to see how bad the property will get year ’round, those photos will give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

Timetable: While it may feel common to wait till Spring to invest in lakeside property, if you do that, you may miss out on the best time of year to break in the excitement of owning a house on the lake. Closing on a lakeside property can take weeks, if not months. By the time you get the keys to your new place, you could miss out on the best months to enjoy the lake, summer sunsets, and bonfires. Shopping and buying a lake house in the winter months won’t cut your memory-making short.

Preparation: It’s true that you buy a lake house because it appeals to your tastes. However, no matter how well that home on the market fits your style, when it becomes yours, it’s so much easier to dream up little things you’d do to make the house your home. Buying a lake house in the winter gives you time to make all the changes and buy all the new toys you’ll need to make your first summer as a lakeside homeowner a success.

Why Wait?

When pursuing the enjoyment of your very own lake house, it’s important to have a knowledgeable realtor who has extensive experience with the Land of the Lakes. Kim Clark has all that experience and more!

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