Three Reasons Why Winter Realty Won’t Make You Cry

Nov 20, 2019

Winter brings an equal amount of groans and cheers for Hoosiers. Although there’s a fun list of Kosciusko County’s hidden treasures during the Winter season, selling your home during the cold winters isn’t typically high on that list. As a matter of fact, it’s probably not on that list at all.

However, if you think about it, Winter may be the most beneficial and successful way to make sure the sale of your home goes off without a hitch.

Why Winter Sales Are Better

There’s something about selling your home during the winter season–December 1st through February 28th –that simply feels unappealing when you first think about it. But when you step back and think about these four things, you may reconsider that first thought:

One: There are less houses on the market: Because most homeowners wait until Spring to put their home on the market, your home has a better chance of being seriously considered no matter what endearing quirks it may have.

It’s easier to negotiate for the sale price you originally wanted your home to sell for because the buyer–no matter their motivation–is just ready to get into their new dream home as early into the year as possible. Keep in mind, the average number of days a home sits on the market is 68 days. In the Winter, that amount of time could be much shorter.

Two: Don’t underestimate the power of cheer: Whether you’re 10 years old or 85 years old, there’s something cheerful about hot cocoa, bright lights, holiday decorations, and a warm house.

When potential buyers come into your home from the winter chill, these small but powerful additions to the showing could seal the deal for you before they even see the entire home. It’s easier to add that cheery feel to your home right in the middle of winter than any other season–take advantage of it while you can!

Three: More time with your realtor: Inevitably, Winter comes as a season of considerably fewer open houses, which may seem discouraging. What should be encouraging–and what you should focus on more–is the fact that such a reality affords you more time with your realtor. It’s highly important you let your experienced realtor help you decide exactly what the housing market is looking for from your sale.

Work With Someone Who Knows

In the end, although Winter may not feel like the most ideal season to sell your home, it is entirely worth the unique tasks which the other seasons may not bring to the table. Your number one asset, especially in Winter, is to rely on the knowledge and expertise of your realtor. With over 16 years’ experience in realty and the Kosciusko County’s housing market, Kim Clark is just the person on your side to make your winter sale the greatest way to end your year.

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