Target The Right Audience When Selling Your Home in the Winter

Oct 30, 2019

When someone decides to put their home on the market, they’re often discouraged by the thought of the housing market during winter. However, in recent years, housing markets have benefited from winter sales more than you may have thought. The difference is, when selling your house in the winter months, you find quicker, more efficient success when you target the correct audience with your listing.

When do you give up trying to sell your home locally?

It has been suggested that if your house has been on the local market for over 60 days with no offers down, to take it off the market till Spring. However, that would mean starting completely over with your realtor, which could be just as equally tedious. The winter home-selling months are typically seen as December 1st- February 28th. So how do you sell your home successfully if the local market isn’t providing the buyers you need?

Targeting the Right Audience

Maybe it’s time to consider changing your target audience. Instead of solely or primarily advertising your listing locally, invest in ways to advertise your home for individuals relocating to the area. Nationally, when employees are asked to transfer out of state, those moves happen at the end of the year. This is due to a desire to start the employee in his or her position in January. Therefore, it’s common for those employees to start house hunting in their new town in December.

Kosciusko is known for this type of arrangement to occur based on companies such as Zimmer Biomet.

Changes to Consider

When adjusting your target audience to people transferring from out of town or out of state, here are a few things to consider in order to successfully sell your home online:

– Tap into your realtor’s knowledge of online advertising: Modern day real estate knows how to use advertisements online for the seller’s benefit. Ask your realtor which websites are available for your home to be listed on which have a large national audience such as
– Most homes have at least one or two pictures of their home that are used when listing the home on the realty website. Consider hiring a professional photographer to photograph the entire home for your listing so that potential transfer buyers have a more detailed understanding of the great things your listing has to offer
– Take advantage of becoming friends with your realtor. The term “pocket-listing” refers to how many agents talk with each other about the homes they are selling, and if your realtor’s network is as broad as Kim Clark’s, those types of casual conversations may lead to a successful sale of your home!

No matter what your listing is like, there is someone out there who would love to make your house their next home. Even if you can’t foresee your house selling during the winter months, people moving to the area before the new year will benefit from your Winter-time listing.

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