Let A Home Sale Warm Your Heart This Winter

Nov 6, 2019

“More is better!”

This sentiment is used seemingly across the board. It’s better to have more savings, more income, more friends, more assets, or more investments. The one area in which such a sentiment differs drastically, however, may surprise you.

Option to Sell In Winter Most Beneficial

It’s been said that it is so much more beneficial for your property listing in the winter because there are less homes on the market to choose from. Here are a few specific ways that can work toward your goal as the seller:

One: If a family is searching for a house during the winter months, they’re most likely experiencing a sense of urgency to seal the deal on their new home before the snow flies. Potential buyers will be less interested in dragging out negotiations because of the impending weather.

Two: Even if they aren’t under pressure to move quickly, frugal home buyers may desire moving in the winter because they know moving companies charge less because of the lack in demand during the winter months. As such, buyers may be quicker to come to a decision on a higher-priced home because they’ve justified how much they’ll save on the moving costs themselves.

Three: Because of how quickly home buyers are hoping to get off the market–and because of the few homes to choose from — 66% of winter listings have a 90-day list-to-sell time span. What a relief to get the transition complete in such a short amount of time! Who knew you could thank the dreary winter weather for such a benefit?

Welcome Challenges to Keep in Mind

Essentially, you are in charge of what happens with your listing no matter what time of year you decide to list it. You are the one who is able to say your home is available for certain days or times, which is awesome! Although that’s obviously still true if you have a property for sale during the winter, there are a few decisions you need to make more often when there is a smaller market during the winter months–specifically throughout the holidays. These things include:

One: Are you willing to open up your home for a holiday showing? If you choose to list your home during the later months of the year, you may be surprised when your agent calls and asks you to consider a Thanksgiving or Christmas showing. Because there aren’t as many homes to choose from during these months as there are during the Spring or Fall, if you decide to say no to the request, the potential buyer may settle with another home.

Two: Can you put in the extra time to sell? Winter is not everyone’s favorite time of year. Adding a little cheer to your showing with a little extra warm lighting, a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen, or hanging a strand of Christmas lights, may help the potential buyer consider your home more seriously.

Give It a Shot!

Overall, as a home seller, the goal is to not be discouraged if you feel like your home might be the only house on the market. That very likely could work to your favor more than you think, so don’t be afraid to try listing your home through the Winter months. If you have any questions about how to prepare for that in the Kosciusko area, give Kim Clark a call if you’d like thorough and trustworthy assistance.

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